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Beverly J. Stoute, MD, FABP, FAPA

Founding Member

Atlanta, GA

Dr. Stoute is a Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst in private practice in Atlanta, GA. She serves as President of the Atlanta Psychoanalytic Society, as a Training and Supervising Analyst at the Emory University Psychoanalytic Institute, and as a Child and Adolescent Supervising Analyst and graduate of The New York Psychoanalytic Institute. She is on the faculty of the Southeast Child Analyst Consortium, and is on the adjunct faculties of the Departments of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences of Emory University School of Medicine and Morehouse School of Medicine. Dr. Stoute serves on the editorial boards of the Psychoanalytic Study of the Child and Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, on the Advisory Council of the Harlem Family Institute, and is a member of Black Psychoanalysts Speak.

She is a nationally recognized speaker, author, and consultant on issues of race, racism, diversity, and psychoanalytic applications in the treatment of seriously disturbed children and adolescents. Among her works, Dr. Stoute co-edited the series, published in The American Psychoanalyst, entitled Conversations on Psychoanalysis and Race; and her paper, entitled Racial Socialization and Thwarted Mentalization: Reflections of a Psychoanalyst from the Lived Experience of James Baldwin’s America, was awarded the 2018 Rieger Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Distinguished Member Award from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Articles & Publications

Slevin, M. & Stoute, B. J. (in press). The Trauma of Racism: Lessons from the Therapeutic Encounter

Slevin, M. & Stoute, B. J. (in press). Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Racism in the Community.

Stoute, B. (2017). Race and racism in psychoanalytic thought: the ghosts in our nursery. The American Psychoanalyst, 51(1), 10-29.

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