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Sheri-Ann Cowie, Ph.D.


Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Cowie is the owner of Cowie Counseling Coaching & Consulting. She works as a psychotherapist, executive coach, organization consultant, and Tavistock Group Relations Consultant. She has lived and worked in the Caribbean and Europe, held faculty positions at the University of San Diego and New York University (“NYU”). She received her doctorate in Counseling Psychology at NYU and is a fourth-year psychoanalytic candidate at the Wiliam Alanson White Institute in New York City. Dr. Cowie is the director of the 2024-2026 Group Relations Conference on Authority and Leadership presented by Center for the Study of Group and Social Systems.
Dr. Cowie works collaboratively with scholars to write and speak about prosocial outcomes such as altruism, loving relational life, and religion and spirituality among African-Americans and immigrants of African ancestry from the Caribbean.

Articles & Publications

Mattis, J.S., Hammond, W.P., Grayman, N., Bonacci, M., Brennan, W., Cowie, S., Ladyzhenskaya, L. and So, S. (2009), The Social Production of Altruism: Motivations for Caring Action in a Low-Income Urban Community. American Journal of Community Psychology, 43: 71-84.
Halkitis, P., Mattis, J., Sahadath, J., Massie, D., Ladyzhenskaya, L., Pitrelli, K., Bonacci, M., & Cowie, S. (2009). The meanings and manifestations of religion and spirituality among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender adults. Journal of Adult Development, 16, 250-262. doi: 10.1007/s10804-009-9071-1.
Mattis, J. S., Grayman, N. A., Cowie, S.-A., Winston, C., Watson, C., & Jackson, D. (2008). Intersectional identities and the politics of altruistic care in a low-income, urban community. Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, 59(5-6), 418–428.
Beale, R., Mattis, J., Cowie, S., Watson, C., Forrest, J., & Cooper, D. (2007). Organizational citizenship initiatives: A qualitative analysis of overcoming deterrents to volunteerism and community service opportunities. International Journal of Business Strategy, 7, 3, 32-41.
Mattis, J. S., Ahluwalia, M. K., Cowie, S.-A. E., & Kirkland-Harris, A. M. (2006). Ethnicity, Culture, and Spiritual Development. In E. C. Roehlkepartain, P. E. King, L. Wagener, & P. L. Benson (Eds.), The handbook of spiritual development in childhood and adolescence (pp. 283–296). Sage Publications, Inc.

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